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Tychelle and Mel met while designing a 14-week anti-racism course in 2020 (available here for free!). Since that time they have become good friends and have worked on a variety of projects around intersectional anti-oppression. Now they are teaming up once again to bring you Brave Space LIVE, a show about courageous conversations and building a better world.

Tychelle Graham-Moskowitz

A Philadelphia native, Tychelle Graham-Moskowitz, MSW, holds degrees in psychology and a master’s in clinical social work and is a full time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion director. With the aim of unpacking the effects our social and societal systems have on marginalized communities, Tychelle uses multiple lens including Critical Race Theory and intersectional feminist voice in her work. With a deep passion for enhancing authentic interactive conversation and creating life-changing learning to advance outcomes to bridge gaps and building inclusive communities. Tychelle loves to cook and spend time with her husband Ben and their dog, Brisket.

Melody Stanford Martin

Melody Stanford Martin, MDiv, is a social ethicist and activist, and the author of Brave Talk: Building Resilient Relationships in the Face of Conflict (Broadleaf Books, 2020). She is the Founder of Brave Talk Project, and a regular contributor to Psychology Today. Melody works as an intersectional anti-oppression educator and is currently researching for her next three books, which will be about racism and colonization, deconstruction, and anti-intellectualism. In her free time Melody sings, writes songs, and plays guitar for her rock band, loves to garden and hike in her home state of Maine, and hangs out with her partner Corey and their pups, Baxter and Benedict Cumberbatch.


Alicia Govens

Jonadad Fequiere

Darling Thompson

Benjamin Mead

Season 2


June 29 — Traveling While Black

July 13 — Stolen Museums 

July 27 — Anatomy of the N Word

Aug 10 — Why Prison Abolition?

Aug 24 — The Trauma in Transracial Adoption

Sept 7 — Is Affirmative Action Just Reverse Discrimination?

Sept 21 — Pronouns and Trans Identity

Oct 5 — Just My Preference …or Really My Prejudice🤔 

Oct 19 — My Culture Is Not Your Costume

Nov 2 — De-centering Heteronormativity
with Producers Darling & Benjamin

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What Viewers are saying

Love the chemistry between the hosts! Fun to listen to and very informative.
melisa pamuk
Conversations between Black and white women are few and far between. This is so valuable.
marina dalmas
DEI professional
This show is giving me life! The guests are great and it's hard-hitting without taking itself too seriously.
denis maceoin

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